Mazeppa takes community responsibility

After the terrible tsunami in 2004 Mazeppa employees voted unanimously to donate a percentage of the company’s profits to charity every year.

This is our way to take CSR (Corporate Social  Responsibility). An important reason for Mazeppa’s success has been our employee’s education, competence and industrial skill. We believe in education for all and in order alleviate poverty, disease and fight social injustice all countries need to educate their children.
For the last six years Mazeppa has contributed to building a school for children in Jhelary, a village in Kashmir in Pakistan.

Why Education?


One of our employees, Tanveer Ahmed grew up in the village of Jhelary, went to school there and dreamed of becoming a Business Consultant.

In 2005 over 10 000 people died in the well-known earthquake in Kashmir. Jhelary was also hit and the local primary school demolished. Education has always been important for Jhelary inhabitants and to enable children from 6-12 years old to go to school the local inhabitants started a great project to rebuild the school. Everyone participated with what they could – some gave land, others expertise and workforce. Unfortunately they lacked funding for the project as central and local government did not participate.

Mazeppa employees therefore decided to donate funding to rebuild the school. The school is now rebuilt and an extension is planned for children from 12-15 years.

Mazeppa’s contribution is solely for rebuilding the school.  The school is run by the Read Foundation. Then we know the children are looked after and are given the best starting point for further education.

There are very close bonds between the Jhelary inhabitants and Mazeppa due to the school project and Tanveer. We are delighted about all the happy stories we hear and have seen pictures of the children who are now receiving an education. Our modest contribution is making this possible.

The following organizations have been awarded funding from Mazeppa:


Year Organisation
2004 Tsunami victims Medecins Sans Frontieres
2005 Medecins Sans Frontieres
2006 Medecins Sans Frontieres
2007 Medecins Sans Frontieres
2008 Asker Product and building School in Kashmir (Jhelary)
2009 Building School in Kashmir (Jhelary)
2010 Building School in Kashmir (Jhelary)
2011 Building/operate School in Kashmir (Jhelary)
2012 Building/operate School in Kashmir (Jhelary)
2013 Building/operate School in Kashmir (Jhelary)