Mazeppa Consulting specializes in Manufacturing Industrial Business Solutions (ERP). We are experts in business management software for digitizing the value chain, and are ready for Industry 4.0. Our customers use Infor ERP LN, Infor ERP M3 and we have become the first Hatteland RamBase retailer. Mazeppa has extensive experience within project oriented discrete manufacturing, and offers the next generation multi-tenant cloud business solutions (SaaS,).

Our solutions will optimize and simplify your internal and external business processes and prepare you for the digital transformation.


Our customers includes small, medium and large industrial businesses involved in project oriented batch production. 

We help you face tomorrows challenges by digitizing your business.

Better get ready: Industry 4.0 is coming.

Our customers include

The Mobile Warehouse solution from Mazeppa improves our warehouse logistics significantly, and we could not have managed without it.

Mazeppa’s solution expertise and industry experience has been a wonderful complement to our own resources.

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